8-Card Poker

8-Card Poker

The description of 8-Card Poker

8-Card Poker is a *NEW* way of playing Poker; a very aggressive Poker game that requires Skill, Strategy and Deception. Players will get 8 cards and will strategically show 3 cards to deceive and trick their opponents.

♠️♠️ Why Eight Card Poker is more FUN! ♠️♠️

1. Richer Tactics – Each match has 7 opportunities for you to raise and show your cards to deceive your opponents. Texas Poker only has 4 chances.

2. Better Hand – 8 cards gives you more possibilities and more challenge than traditional poker games!

3. Strategy and Skill – Every card you show matters! Every prediction, every decision is crucial to win!

4. Deception – Every card you show can be a bluff or a trap, the best bluffer wins.

5. Aggressiveness – You need to out-raise your opponents to earn the Advantage to be the first one to draw the card in the next round.

♠️♠️ How to Play:♠️♠️Tutorial: http://site.goplayplay.com/poker/

1. All players start the match with 5 cards each, followed by 3 rounds of drawing and showing a card. Those shown cards will form part of the players’ final hands. Every player has to bet (Fold, or Check or Raise) on their respective turns. The last person to raise in each round becomes the first person to draw a card in the next round. This is called winning the "Advantage".

2. After the betting phase of the 3rd round completes, the match will end with a Showdown; 2 more cards will be picked from players' remaining cards to form the best combinations. The player with the best hand wins the pot!

3. The game is centred around tournament-based game play. Players have to be aggressive to compete for Advantage in the game, and they need to master deception to win big.

Enjoy the game!《8 Card Poker》Team————————————————————————–《8 Card Poker》Feel free to tell us your suggestions:** FB Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/GoPlayPlay.8CardPoker/*** FB Community group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/8CardPoker/**** GM Ruby Card Lee : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009976269867

How to play 8-Card Poker on PC

Download and Install Nox App Player Android Emulator. Click here to download: Download(FREE)

Run Nox App Player Android Emulator and login Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search 8-Card Poker Download

Install 8-Card Poker and start it

Well done! Now you can play 8-Card Poker on PC, just like 8-Card Poker for PC version.

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