ABC for kids – learn Alphabet

ABC for kids – learn Alphabet

The description of ABC for kids – learn Alphabet

ABC for kids – learn Alphabet is a FREE educational game for your toddler! Your child will learn the correct English and Spanish pronunciation of vowels, consonants and syllables, figure out how to draw letters and what words start with this or that one – everything will be in the form of alphabet games. With the cheers of praise and candy medals, young learner is unlikely to get bored.

For moms and dads it is the best way to help their kids learn the letters, while for kids it is a new playground instilled with entertainment and happiness!

THE EASEAST WAY TO LEARN LETTERS• Step-by-step learning process. The child can play with a new letter only after he learned the previous ones.• Complete alphabets for two languages: English and Spanish.• Professional voiceover in a clear voice with perfect pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds.• Ninety bright cards of real life objects to help study and remember the letters.• Learn, Play and Guess playrooms offering games with the letters your child has already learned.• Such games help your toddler learn the alphabet quick and with no effort!

The game features several amusing playrooms: bathroom, kitchen, backyard fence, winter garden with beautiful trees, playroom with a doll, and library full of books.


Learn new lettersThe ABC book gradually leads us from the living room to the bathroom with bubble letters and a smart rubber duck. At first, only A, B, and C letters are open, but upon learning them, the child will unlock new letters. Choose a letter and it will be given three hilarious pictures of objects that start with it. Listen to the voice and repeat the words. That is when you are granted the first candy for your learning efforts! Touch the arrow to proceed to the fun fence-painting lesson.

Draw lettersThe player is offered to draw letters on the fence tracing the prompts. Take the brush and start tracing three capital and three small letters with yellow paint to receive a reward of six candy medals and a compliment!

GuessOnce you are finished, the game takes you to the kitchen playroom, where the task lies in trying to guess the picture that starts with the letter you are currently learning. If your guess is correct three time – there comes the victory with three more candy medals, fireworks and words of praise!

PlayThe Learn, Play, and Guess playrooms are for revising already learned material with mom, dad, and sister, or kindergarten teacher. The child is offered to study flashcards with pictures while listening to the pronunciation of names of various objects and animals; to perform positioning of the letters into their cut-outs; to guess the picture that starts with the specific alphabet letter.


The game is full of bright colors and amusing virtual toys for education of children of preschool or kindergarten age. Grandmother, mom, dad, sister – everyone can be your toddler’s playmate in obtaining the basic skills of reading and drawing, in finding out how to write letters and pronounce vowels, consonants and syllables. Studying abc with mother or father have never been such a joy!

How to play ABC for kids – learn Alphabet on PC

Download and Install Nox App Player Android Emulator. Click here to download: Download(FREE)

Run Nox App Player Android Emulator and login Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search ABC for kids – learn Alphabet Download

Install ABC for kids – learn Alphabet and start it

Well done! Now you can play ABC for kids – learn Alphabet on PC, just like ABC for kids – learn Alphabet for PC version.

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