Coin Pusher: Pirate Booty

Coin Pusher: Pirate Booty

The description of Coin Pusher: Pirate Booty

From the creators of store hits like Coin Party, Pharaoh Party, Jurassic Party, Space Party, Candy Party, Zombie Party, Farm Party, Soda Party and Casino Party, we now bring you another winner. Pirates Party!!!

Fire in the hole! You thought it'd be that easy to play like a pirate, didn't you? A pirate's life is a never ending quest; mastering the seven seas and hopping from one island to another on ship. A variety of challenging missions await you that will keep you going and going. Pick up delightful prizes and other cool stuff, keep dozing coins in the most immersive fast pace pirate experience on board.

Push coins, win prizes, unlock quests, upgrade your abilities and use power-ups strategically to maximize your rewards. It’s the perfect pastime! With simple gameplay and fantastic physics, Pirates Party is easy to pick up and fun to play for hours on end. Join thousands of players on the sweetest coin pushing experience on the app store.

<<<<< SPECIAL PRIZES >>>>>Win all of these special prizes:★ Happy Octopus★ Mutt Canons★ Cabin Boys★ Pirate Pups★ Captains★ Prisoners★ Bones★ Sharks★ Little Ships★ Bird Scouts

<<<<< SPECIAL CHIPS >>>>>Bank all of these special chips to boost your rewards:★ Gold Bar Chip (rewards you with a gold bar)★ XP Chip (rewards you with bonus XP)★ Power-Up Chip (rewards you with a power-up)★ Blitz Chip (rewards you with a coin shower)★ Comet Chip (rewards you with a comet shower)★ Portal Chip (rewards you with a portal that moves all coins to your bank)★ Prize Chip (rewards you with a special prize)★ Buck Chip (rewards you with party bucks)★ Joker Chip (rewards you with one of the above special chips)

<<<<< UPGRADES >>>>>Upgrade all your game abilities to become a pro:★ Offline Regeneration (reduces the time to regenerate number of coins when offline)★ Regeneration Max (increases the max number of coins you can generate when offline)★ Chips Luck (spawns rarer coins on your game table)

<<<<< POWER-UPS >>>>>Use all these power-ups to energize your game table:★ Mega Dozer (enables an extended dozer that pushes even more coins into your bank)★ Planks (enables a shield of wooden planks so none of your coins or prizes goes into the gutter)★ Cannon Balls (launches cannon balls on the game table pushing more and more coins and prizes into your bank)★ Ship Shake (shake the ship and push all your coins and prizes into your bank)★ Whirlwind (releases a tornado that rampages on the game table pushing all coins and prizes into your bank)

<<<<< QUESTS >>>>>How many of the 70 quests can you unlock? Compete with your friends and see who becomes the ultimate coin explorer first.

<<<<< PARTY SLOTS >>>>>Feeling lucky? Head over to the slots and bet gold bars to multiply your rewards. Will you win the jackpot?

<<<<< FORTUNE WHEEL >>>>>Got a spin token? Spin the fortune wheel and hang on to your seat as the wheel slows down towards your reward.

<<<<< LEADERBOARDS/ACHIEVEMENTS >>>>>See how you're doing compared to everyone in our vibrant gamer community. Try to unlock all the achievements to become a real COIN MASTER!

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How to play Coin Pusher: Pirate Booty on PC

Download and Install Nox App Player Android Emulator. Click here to download: Download(FREE)

Run Nox App Player Android Emulator and login Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search Coin Pusher: Pirate Booty Download

Install Coin Pusher: Pirate Booty and start it

Well done! Now you can play Coin Pusher: Pirate Booty on PC, just like Coin Pusher: Pirate Booty for PC version.

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