La descripción de JobStreet

Con más de 230,000+ employers across Singapore, Malasia, Filipinas, Indonesia, and Vietnam in our database, usted puede buscar, apply to and get notified on your dream job opening anytime, en cualquier sitio!

Las características clave:• Never miss better career opportunitiesGet ahead of your competition on new job openings with LiNa Job Matches’ mobile notificationBe updated with personalized job matches even while on the go• Find jobs that match your preferred location and salary• Apply to the job vacancy you want instantly• Stay updated with your job applicationsGet notified when employers start reviewing your applicationRespond to interview invites quickly• Create and update resume easily

How to play JobStreet on PC

Descargar e instalar Nox App androide del jugador emulador. Haga click aquí para descargar: Descargar gratis)

Ejecutar Nox App androide del jugador del emulador y de acceso a Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search JobStreet Download

Install JobStreet and start it

Bien hecho! Now you can play JobStreet on PC, just like JobStreet for PC version.

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