Kanji no Owari-Learn Japanese!

Kanji no Owari-Learn Japanese!

The description of Kanji no Owari-Learn Japanese!

Link to PRO version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SekaiProject.OwariNoKanjiProThe PRO version has additional 1900+ kanji to learn (JLPT3 – JLPT1) and Kanji Listing feature!

Kanji no Owari 「漢字の終わり」, also known as "The Kanji's End", is a Japanese language learning anime game that helps the players in memorizing Hiragana(平仮名), Katakana(片仮名), and JLPT Joyo (general use) Kanji characters「常用漢字」.

=== Gameplay ===1. Pick your character class, gear up, and head to the world map!2. Choose among 5 stages which represents the different levels of JLPT Joyo Kanji「常用漢字」.3. Set your game mode and preferences, then tap Start!4. Choose the correct answer to slay enemies, otherwise your character will take damage!5. And finally, defeat the boss at the end of the stage. Good luck!6. Buy items, upgrade your equipment from the gold you've gained as you wish.Pretty simple, isn't it?We believe with the help of RPG / JRPG-esque gameplay, players can learn Japanese in a much more fun way!

=== The Game Modes ===1. Learn Kana Mode2. Learn Kanji Mode

=== Learn Kana Mode ===- Under Learn Kana Mode, you can choose to use Hiragana, Katakana, or both. – However, it is considered a training phase so you only earn 25% gold when killing monsters, and boss kills aren't recorded.- You can optionally show/hide the review sheet.

=== Learn Kanji Mode ===- You can choose between English meaning combinations, or Kana 仮名 /Romaji ローマ字 readings as choices.- You can optionally show Word Gems (Trivia) after every round to comprehend how Japanese words are formed.- You can optionally show/hide the review sheet and also choose to display meanings, readings, or both.

=== Character Classes ===1. 浪人・RoninActive Skill : Berserker's Mark: Damage +200%, but armour/evasion reduced to 0.Passive Skill : Absolute Willpower : At <50% hp, Crit and Lifesteal values x150%.Difficulty : ★★The most diverse class, she has a fair amount of health and offensive power. She's recommended for players who knows a bit of Japanese already.

2. 侍・SamuraiActive Skill : Dragon Stance : +300% def, regains hp for the duration.Passive Skill : Sharp Instinct: +10% absolute block, disrupts target even when missing.Difficulty : ★The most recommended class for beginners, she has a lot of health, has a chance to block attacks and her wide swings can disrupt enemy attacks even if she misses her target.

3. 忍・ShinobiActive Skill : Shadow Form : Evade everything, Crit% doubled for the duration.Passive Skill : Fury : Increases damage per combo, up to weapon level x2.Difficulty : ★★★★★The "boss slayer" class, her critical attacks pierces high defense monsters, but she's very, very fragile. Recommended for experts only.

4. 殭屍・KyonshiActive Skill : Spirit Strike: On next attack, damage x5, crit +25%, lifesteal +15%.Passive Skill : Sealing Prowess : At <50% hp, choices are reduced to three.Difficulty : ★★★★She's the main character of the game. She relies on her very powerful skill, Spirit Strike to deal massive amounts of damage and also restore her health. She is a bit fragile though, recommended for intermediate learners only.

Thanks to Rosuuri for illustrating and designing the characters — she's one of the most famous artists in the western visual novel and anime games community!

All rights reserved @Sekai Project and InnoMen Productions.

How to play Kanji no Owari-Learn Japanese! on PC

Download and Install Nox App Player Android Emulator. Click here to download: Download(FREE)

Run Nox App Player Android Emulator and login Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search Kanji no Owari-Learn Japanese! Download

Install Kanji no Owari-Learn Japanese! and start it

Well done! Now you can play Kanji no Owari-Learn Japanese! on PC, just like Kanji no Owari-Learn Japanese! for PC version.

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