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Are you looking for board games free for your android smartphone or tablet? Try to play our new checkers online or offline! It's a classic board game for two players that entertains people all over the world. In spite of its simplicity, checkers can develop great strategy skills, not to mention the delight which it can give you! In Checkers Hero you'll find:- checkers free to play on your tablet or smartphone- 8×8 checker board with 12 pieces for each player- modo multiplayer!- flawless mechanics- 5 níveis de dificuldade- classic good-looking design- an option of 3 Pranchas: a classic wooden board, a wooden board with a nice pattern and a marble board!- option of checker pieces colour diversity If you prefer checkers to all other board games, our Checkers Hero is for you!You can play multiplayer checkers online or offline, with a computer opponent or with your friends. Are you ready to start an excellent checkers battle right now? Here it goes! 1. Escolha a cor (dark or light with a colour diversity option) as you wish.2. Take turns in making moves diagonally forward along dark squares only.3. Capture pieces of your opponent jumping over them on empty squares.4. Try to reach the opposite edge of the board where your piece is crowned. The crowned piece can jump over pieces from any distance and in any direction.5. Don't forget to control the center of the board!6. The player with no possible moves or with no pieces left loses the game. Go and play the best checkers game for android! It doesn't matter where you are – at home, on a train travelling abroad, in a swimming pool or on a beach – play checkers everywhere, because you don't have to take a heavy wooden checker board anymore! All you need is your android device and a friend for a checkers multiplayer mode.

Checkers Hero is not only a classic game to spend your free time with fun. If you want some food for thought, Checkers Hero is one of the best solutions. Play checkers with friends, win all checkers online multiplayer games to feel like a checkers hero!

Hurry up and install Checkers Hero, and you'll become a true fan of checkers!

How to play Checkers Hero on PC

Baixar e instalar Nox App Jogador emulador Android. Clique aqui para baixar: Download grátis)

Run Nox App Jogador emulador Android e login Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search Checkers Hero Download

Install Checkers Hero and start it

Bem feito! Now you can play Checkers Hero on PC, just like Checkers Hero for PC version.

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