Metal Calculator gratuito

Metal Calculator gratuito

A descrição do Metal Calculator gratuito

Metal Weight Calculator allows you to calculate the weight and length of different types of metals in various shapes (round and shaped tubes, ângulos, canais, beams, sheets …)The application allows you to calculate the mass of products from metal knowing the length, or the length of knowing the mass.This is a free version that contains advertising. To support the developer and get rid of banner ads, you can buy a version without ads.ГОСТ 26020 – 83ГОСТ 8239-89ГОСТ 8240-89ГОСТ 8706-78ГОСТ 8568-77ГОСТ 8509-93ГОСТ 8510-86ГОСТ 8639-82ГОСТ 8645-68ГОСТ 3262-75СТО АСЧМ 20-93IPN DIN 1025-1IPE Euronorm 19-57HEB Euronorm 53-62HEA Euronorm 53-62HEM Euronorm 53-62UPN DIN 1026 -1UPE EN 10279: 2000É 808: 1989S beamAmerican standard sectionsHPAmerican wide flange bearing pilesCAmerican standard channelsГОСТ 21937-76 полособульб, HD – Wide flange columns ASTM A 6/A 6M,HLEuropean extra wide flange sections ASTM A 6/A 6M – 07,HP piles,o – European channels,IFBAssymetric Integrated floor beam,SFBAssymetric Slim floor beam ГОСТ 19425-74W sectionsAmerican wide flange steel ASTM A 6/A 6MMCAmerican channels ASTM A 6/A 6MUBBritish universal sections BS 4-1JBritish joists with taper flanges BS 4-1UCBritish universal columns BS 4-1UBPBritish universal bearing piles with wide flanges BS 4-1PFCBritish parallel flange channels BS 4-1CHBritish channels with taper flanges BS 4-1HJapanese H sections JIS G 3192

How to play Metal Calculator Free on PC

Baixar e instalar Nox App Jogador emulador Android. Clique aqui para baixar: Download grátis)

Run Nox App Jogador emulador Android e login Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search Metal Calculator Free Download

Install Metal Calculator Free and start it

Bem feito! Now you can play Metal Calculator Free on PC, just like Metal Calculator Free for PC version.

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