Rakuten compras

Rakuten compras

A descrição da Rakuten compras

Shopping is Entertainment! Download the Rakuten Shopping App today for FREE!Shop for amazing products and discover deals on popular items from shops around the world in Rakuten.

Why download the Rakuten Shopping App?Sign in with your existing Rakuten ID to access your shopping cart, payment and shipping options. Don't have a Rakuten ID? You can easily create one for free – mesmo no app. Earn Rakuten Super Points with every item you buy and apply them towards your next purchase.

What are Rakuten SuperPoints?Rakuten Super Points are our way of saying "Thank you for using our service!"They are a virtual currency that is earned as part of our rewards program. You can use Rakuten Super Points to buy more things or you can pay for a part of your order with Rakuten Super Points to get a discount.

Shop for these items using the Rakuten Shopping App:- Clothing and Accessories: Moda masculina, Moda feminina, Bolsas, Oculos de sol, sapatos, Joalheria- Computers and Accessories: impressoras, laptops, Programas- Eletrônicos: smartphones, tablets, televisão, Digital Cameras, Videogames, Mobile Accessories- Food and Beverage: Queijo, Confectionaries- Health and Beauty: Maquiagem, Cuidados com a pele, Perfume- Utensílios de cozinha, Mobília, Home design- Vídeo & Música: Music CDs, DVDs, Video Games…and much more!

How to play Rakuten Shopping on PC

Baixar e instalar Nox App Jogador emulador Android. Clique aqui para baixar: Download grátis)

Run Nox App Jogador emulador Android e login Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search Rakuten Shopping Download

Install Rakuten Shopping and start it

Bem feito! Now you can play Rakuten Shopping on PC, just like Rakuten Shopping for PC version.

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